interactive performance /video-dance

artistic relation

in the beginning, there was light, white light. energy. then the universe evolved as
a thick net of energy microwaves. their constant, coordinated movement produces
even now a cosmic symphony. the elektro-kokon is the white being, the first energy
a camera is mapping the carpet from above and connecting the colour through
a real-time software (vvvv) via midi to a music production software (reaktor), so
that: the more blacks in the frame, the more variations in the sound. the performer
is producing frequency variations with his body, with the position, the exposition,
with the tension of his body. the dancer is playing his own music to dance.


project: gonçalo cruzinha, mariano leotta
direction, video, interaction design: mariano leotta
choreography, performance: gonçalo cruzinha
interactive sound design: ex-directory
walk-on performers: akemi nagao, aburada misato, kumi umamoto,
yukari tanihara, aurelia guo, yuko sato, sara kwon
sound design (v 1.0): Kim iya

technical specifications

2 speakers 300w
1 camcorder
1 laptop
1 audio production software (reaktor)
1 real-time sofware (vvvv)
2/3 UV lights 40w

performed at

Elektro-kokon,Tool_Kit Festival, Venezia
Elektro-kokon, SchioDesignFestival, Schio VI
Elektro-kokon, Teatro Malaposta, Lisboa
Elektro-kokon, Art tal ort, Fagagna UD


v 1.0
v 1.1
v 1.2