video -installation

artistic relation

videoCTRLroom is the information sorting center of the urban video control
system. the image arrives to the room through grey and thin pipes from
remote street-corners. discovered and stolen from the metropolitan space,
anonimous landscapes, life fragments of shady characters materializing
in an obscure bunker. visitor becomes watchman and watched, oppressor
and oppressed. pathos becomes attack and defence, oppression and
emancipation following the unusual trail of Miles Davis’ trumpet.


project and direction: mariano leotta
sound design: salvo zappalà_bugdate
video editing: emanuele foti_bugdate
shooting: luca fuscaldi, enzo cuccia
poetry: mariano leotta
voices: giuseppe brancato, giuseppe bisicchia, flavio iannelli, daniela alfonso
set and multimedia design: mariano leotta and emanuele foti
live music: exdirectory

technical specifications

2 videocameras
1 video projector
2 speakers 500w
1 software (flash)
1 laptop

personale presso atelier tornaghi, milano