audio installazione interattiva

artistic relation

an a white big floor there are some black stylized lines. just a whole vision
suggests that the lines combines the five continents borders. the world. guns,
airplanes, explosions, shouts and laments create the martial, enervating sound
ambient. in the northern part of the world there is a white toilete bowl with a red
velvet pillow. in the southern part eight big tubes. when a visitor sit down on the
toilet bowl each tubes pull out from the underground a voice. voice of people
who fighted, denounced and lived a war. moving on the floor from a voice to
another, visitors leave their foot-print and paint a still-life: a bloody world.


project and direction: mariano leotta
sound design: giuseppe pillera
audio editing: giuseppe pillera, ariele caltabiano
voices: massimo corsaro, rosario minardi, luana toscano
citations: anna politovskaya, leyla zana, bibljana srbljanovic, ken saro wiwa,
enzo baldoni, kama swor kamanda, suad amiry, ram nath kak
interaction and set design: mariano leotta

technical specifications

2 speakers 500w
8 speakers 10w
1 audio software (audio-mulch)
1 audio mixer
1 laptop


zo-centro culture contemporanee - catania - “y+quasar” a cura di cinzia scordia
fuoricentro - livorno - “m3-metrocubo” a cura di cristina olivieri e valeria giuliani
casa morigi - milan - “border” a cura di silvia moro
leggere strutture - bologna - “giornata del contemporaneo” a cura di AMACI