vpoetryproject is a homeless video production house. Opened to anyone wishing to experience the poetic beauty of the video. Videos that move in the world of non-fiction, taking the form of video art and documentary, sometimes music videoclips or even vjing, buthaving common characteristics. Few technical devices or speech. Few special effects or screenplays. Mostly emotional streams of consciousness. And logic. The logic of film improvisation made by flight patterns, climax and returns, repartee. Among sights and sounds, notes and frames, two poetic language in emotional dialogue, beyond the boundaries of the word.


// elektro-kokon 1.0

Digitalia, Centro Culturale Altinate, Padova
Athens Video Dance Project, Booze Cooperative, Athens
// piltzner _ Save ContradaGancia

// ex-directory _ ondine

// kim iya _ ping from mars
Multimedia Art Roma Festival - Palazzo dei Popoli, Roma
BBIEAF - CamNorte, Daet (Philippines)
VDF - Cinema Massimo/Hiroshima mon Amour, Torino
Magmart - PAN-Palazzo delle Arti, Napoli
Videokills - stattbad, berlin

// nct333 _ black circus
inside the box - virale project lecco 2009