reakt_lab is a decentralized center of artistic production. It produces performances and installations, hybrids sometimes difficult to define.
A research on the contemporary, studying and re-using some of its peculiarities. Technology and participation, interaction and multimedia. These are the minimum common denominators of the research and production carried out by reakt_lab.
Often the body is joined to the machine, analog to digital, crafts to electronics.
So we discover that the contemporary is similar to the archaic. That the man has an even greater need of prostheses. That art is more and more teknè. And vice versa.


into the loop - interactive video-installation 2009


inside the box - partecipative video-mapping 2009



elektro-kokon - interactive video-dance 2010

piccolo museo del gabbio - multimedia installation 2009


voci sincopate - interactive installation 2008


rosso cinese - multimedia installation 2008


malnati - poetic performance 2007


videoctrlroom - video installation 2006