production by

salerno creativa, 2009


interactive video-installation

artistic relation

cathartic and childish, ironic and disturbing, the carousel is the symbol of the
fair. a post-modern carousel, material and immaterial. steel circular tubulars
hold up a sheet where the saurreal characters of the carousel are projected:
contemporary tarots showing and exorcising the taboo. the taboo is the limit
that allows the society to be like that. anyway, only who is ready to overcome
this limit, entering in the carousel, could trigger the mechanism of exorcism
and contamination. but be careful. not take it too serious. a fetish / toy awaits
you in the center of the carousel and if you bow in front of it the carousel will
rotate too fast.


project: Ale Senso e Mariano Leotta
interaction and multimedia design: Mariano Leotta
drawings and graphics: Ale Senso
2D animation: Dario Lazzaretto
Music: Davide Fasulo

technical specifications

2 speakers 300w
4 video-projector
1 vga distributor
1 laptop
1 midi software (i-cubex)
1 reachclose sensor
1 audio software (fruity loop)
1 video sofware (vvvv)
exhibitions at

the experiment, a cura di paolo polito, villa comunale salerno (public art)

video trailer