progetto virale, 2009


participative video-mapping

artistic relation

The mall as a place of contemporary worship. The purchase replaces the Sunday ritual
of praying, in queue at cash desk to receive the receipt, the host, the consent of the
consumption. But what is the price of this consent? Today as never before, the private data
are medium of exchange, our intimacy is sold, sacrificed at the altar of consumption. So
the facade of a church is reconstructed in 3D with the aesthetics of the shopping malls. A
group of “promoters” invites the passer-by to confess their sins in change of a note. With
the note value corresponding to his confession, the visitor can go to the cash desk to buy a
lot of the facade. The lot is extracted and slowly discovers the interior of the church: there
is a woman in search of her spirituality. In the days following the exhibition the confessions
has showed anonymously at the center of the city.


project: claudia neri, mariano leotta
software design: gruppo làbun
3D design: ina bilanishvili
sound design: andrea livio
performance: patrizia lattuada
video: mariano leotta

technical specifications

1 video-projector 12000 lum
1 audio mixer (m-audio)
1 audio software (max/msp)
1 real-time software (vvvv)
2 laptop


piazza san nicolò lecco (public art)